My name is Nkechi Oyegwe. I am a wife, mother to three(3) beautiful children, a home maker, and a Parenting Coach. Prior to now, I’ve done a couple of businesses but deep down, I knew I had much more to offer humanity which is, reaching out to children especially teenagers and young adults.

Personally, I’ve evolved over the years and being a parent has added more to a very large extent because, I’ve been privileged to raise two(2) amazing adult daughters, and a pre-teen son. The whole process has turned me into a better person.


As a young girl growing up, I have always lived with the idea of parent being close to their children but that wasn’t my case. Although I was raised in a loving environment and my parents gave me and my siblings the best they could afford at the time, there was something missing in our relationship which was Closeness.

My parents were very strict and harsh at the same time. We weren’t given the opportunity to express how we felt which was very frustrating! They never saw anything wrong with their style of parenting as long as we turned out well; little did they know that their style of parenting drew us farther away from them. I never liked the idea of not being able to walk up to my parents to express how I felt or ask questions without the fear of being misunderstood, judged or scolded for no genuine reason. This made me keep a lot to myself and as a result of it I made so many mistakes growing up as a teenager and as a young adult. These mistakes would have been avoided if I had a close knit relationship with my parents especially with my mum of blessed memory.

Need I say that I learnt some life lessons on my own while growing up and made a promise to myself that when I have a family of my own I will change the narrative. I must say, that I’ve lived up to that expectation because my children and I have a healthy relationship and we are very close. Mind you, I’m talking from a mother’s perspective and at this point let me not also forget to add that I have a very supportive husband as well.

The whole essence of being a Parenting Coach is to ensure that parents and their children relate properly such that, the harmony engendered at home will uplift the family and also to proffer some needed advise and possible corrections and solutions that may be useful in building better relationships with our children. Join me on this journey of parenting.